“Exploring the Hidden Music”- Gramercy Theater NYC 11/14 – Excerpt of interview with Brian Pace

“Exploring the Hidden Music”- Visual Music Project (excerpt)

Janney Calendar 2014

September 5 – 12: Sonic Forest @ Center for Architecture, NYC

October 24: Lecture, SUNY/Purchase

November 24: “Architecture and Music” – Panel Discussion at Center for Architecture, NYC with Christopher Janney, Dave Revels, Trilok Gurtu, Sheils E., Lynn Mabry, moderatred by Lance Brown, FAIA

November 25: “Exploring The Hidden Music”- Sound Environment and Concert, Gramercy Theater, NYC with Christopher Janney, Bill Laswell, Trilok Gurtu, Sheila E., Lynn Mabry, DJ LOGIC and others.

December 9: Panelist- “Visual Arts: How art installations give festivals personality, identity, and longevity”, IMFCON Conference, Austin, TX

December 10: Site Inspection, Oklahoma City Airport, Oklahoma City, OK

Janney Calendar 2015

January 10: Oversee glass install, Oklahoma City, OK

February 18: Targa EV Project – Road Test, West Palm Beach, FL

February 26: Soundstair Installation, San Antonio Art Museum, San Antonio, TX

March 3:  London, UK- EHM 2015 proposed event

March 4:  Frankfurt, Germany, EHM 2015 propsed event

May 1: Complete prototype for “Light Shadow:MLK” in studio

April 15:  Completion/site inspection of “Sonic Gates: OKC”

October 15:  Opening- “Sonic Gates: OKC”

September 1:  Installation of “Light Shadow: MLK”, Cambridge, MA

What the critics are saying about the  Janney/Laswell “Hidden Music” concert.

“Exploring The Hidden Music” is a conceptual sight-and-sound garden of delights, heavy on percussion, visuals and dance, anchored by the relentless pulse of bassist Bill Laswell and affirmed by keyboardist Christopher Janney. The vitality of their interplay contextualizes all – with mighty contributions from percussionists Sheila E. and Trilok Gurtu, turntablist D.J. Logic, dancer Sunny Hitt, and hornmen Steven Bernstein and Peter Apfelbaum. At once hypnotic and propulsive, it is a winning amalgam of combustible elements.”
- Jeff Levenson, Executive VP, Half Note  Records
Columnist- JAZZ /FM91, Toronto, CANADA
“Walking into the Gramercy Theatre on 23rd Street in New York, the setup was the clue; the start of an evening of the unexpected. Beginning with this glowing red-lit space, it was hot and ready for action the likes of which you had never seen, together with “CyberMonks”, a quadraphonic audio environment moving sound images around the room. “Exploring The Hidden Music”, a passion of Architect/Composer Christopher Janney’s for over 40 years, brought together Bill Laswell, Sheila E, and Trilok Gurtu, to work the space, particularly for his well-known piece, “Heartbeat”.
Janney and others lightly voiced patterns of sound over a syncopated score with the Sara Rudner-choreographed dancers that alternately agitated and soothed the room, accompanied by the blended sounds of these precisely matched, unique, and generous performers and their very special artistry. Janney’s work with sound and space, his “Sonic Forest” out on the sidewalk and “Visual Music”- Janney playing images live on a huge video wall behind the band- connect us in ways to both one another and the source and space of play that needs to be experienced. Listening is only part of the show.”
– Lance Jay Brown, FAIA, DPACSA President- American Institute of Architects, New York Chapter
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