Harmonic Convergence

Harmonic ConvergenceMiami International Airport
Miami, FL


American Airlines Airport Art

The work is on the passenger connector between the North Tripod and the South Tripod of the pedestrian walkways. This existing passenger connector is the new entrance to the airport from the “MIA MOVER” APM System  connecting the airport to a new rental car terminal.  Not only is this particular crosswalk an ideal pedestrian-scaled space, but it serves the ceremonial entrance into and out of the airport proper.  To that end, this space “announces” the entrance to the larger airport arrival/departure environment.

SHADING LOUVERS-  I removed the shading louvers from the west side, making the view into and through them transparent.  This is in an effort to “open up” and humanize the appearance of this transition space. The east side abuts the new MIA Mover building.

EXTERIOR GLASS- I then replaced the existing glass on the west side with a diagonal pattern of colored glass. (The glass on the east side needs further investigation.)  The pattern of glass is composed of colors similar to the original color sequence of “Harmonic Runway.” The color pattern of the glass will mimic the existing “X-bracing” 45 degree-angle pattern on the crosswalk, with color diamonds in a  24″ x 24″size.  We specified the VANCEVA system which is the most superior color–glass system on the market today.  Similar to the original “Harmonic Runeway” installation, we utilized colors and laminated glass that  act as a shading factor to meet or exceed the required heat loads for the space.

ALTERATIONS WITHIN THE EXISTING SPACE- A number of the crosswalks have an existing “X-brace” system along the interior edges- a very strong visual element.  To that end, I would propose painting this X-Bracing and any related structure in my proposed space a satin white or off-white to catch the shadows of the colored glass as the light pours in.  We would also like to specify a white speckled terrazzo floor similar to the MiA Mover building’s floor.  As well, we would specify that the louvered ceiling be painted a similar off-white to catch the changing colored light within the space.

SOUND ENVIRONMENT-  Within these walkways, I have created a multi-speaker sound-score.  With speakers placed at regular intervals, it is possible to create a series of ever-changing “sound images” as people move through the space.  Drawing on the sounds of South Florida, the sound-score elicits tropical birds, distant thunder storms, sounds of the Everglades and other natural environments indigenous to the area, creating a “sonic portrait” of South Florida.

INTERACTIVE – I propose to create an interactive environment within this space.  This will involve placing video sensors at either end of the space.  As people move through these spaces, their activity will influence the melodic layering of sound in harmony with the natural sound environments (described in the paragraph above.)  The melodic sounds are programmed to change over the time of day and density of activity, so it never sounds the same way twice.  For example, people walking through the space at 10AM might trigger  series of marimbas over a pentatonic scale on top of the tropical bird sound for the “ambient” sound-score.  At 2pm, the sounds might be bamboo flutes over a blues scale with distant storms and crickets.  In addition, as the space changes in density of activity, so will the sound-score change in density, reflecting the visual activity within the space.

NIGHT LIGHT- The night lighting is achieved by replacing the existing fluorescent lighting system with a series of computer-controlled LED lights.  The lighting is scored over time to change the quality and character of the space throughout the night and according to the density of activity in the space.

“HARMONIC CONVERGENCE” is a bold artistic statement integrating both the existing structural elements of this space, the change in light and the changing pedestrian activity.  Through the design development of this new scheme, I feel I have created a unique artwork for pedestrians, a dynamic entrance/exit space for the “MIA Mover” traffic, and a new icon for Miami.

Harmonic ConvergenceHarmonic Convergence